maandag 2 april 2012

Whiskey seems to be my holy water.

The weather is really disappointing.
After a few sunny days, it's cold and grey again.
Anyhow, my hair looks kinda brown-ish these days, but I like it.
Oh, and I felt like a complete dwarf, next to my friend.
But I'm used to being tiny, haha.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you !
    Wow, I absolutely love your dip-dye !

  2. first of all, i love the description of yourself & I really love your dip-dye!
    like this post!

  3. Mooie foto's! Is dit toevallig Marloes van The Neon Sign? Ik denk haar te herkennen ;)

  4. Super leuke outfit! Die schoenen zijn echt prachtig!

  5. your heels! i love it.. I think to dye my hair like you.. your hair is absolutely rock!

  6. wauw, je haar is zoooooooo mooi! ♥