zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Prom is near.


So I've been looking a lot for a promdress.
And I'm in love with this one.
But, I've seen a pair of gorgeous shoes that I wanted for prom too.
They're silver-ish multiglitter heels.
And that wouldn't match with this dress, because of the gold studs, right?
Either way, even if I buy this dress, I want the shoes too.
Maybe not for prom, but just because I want them.
Tell me what you think?

Edit: I wanted to buy the dress today, guess what. Sold out, fml.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. stunning dress! yes doesn't sound they would go well with the shoes, but if you want them that bad, get them both!!! :)

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  2. This dress is so gorgeous! I have no idea what to wear to prom:( xx

  3. Dankjewel !
    Echt wow, die jurk is geweldig !

  4. Love the dress! The lace and studs combo really works well here. Hope you have an amazing time :)

  5. I think you're probably going to end up buying both and wearing neither to prom!! kekeke

  6. Gorgeous and feminine :)

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  7. i love this dress, really! I'm totally sure wanna wear it if I'm going to a prom :D

    Cheers, Helen

  8. WOW WOW WOW! This dress is really more than amazing! After i saw this on your blog i visit to search this dress! I didn´t find it:(