zaterdag 31 december 2011

New year, new life.

Here's to the good days, the better friends. 
The depressive days, and the friends who let you down.
The people that taught you how to party.
And the ones that made you want to disappear.
The guy that broke your heart, several times.
Here's to the wisdom you've earned.
Here's to 2011.

New year's resolutions.
                  1. Be fully committed and dedicated to the things I set out to accomplish.
                  2. Learn something new.
                  3. Write down every important moment.
                  4. Lose weight.
                  5. Read at least one book a month.
                  6. Embrace my personality and appearance.
                  7. Eat healthier.
                  8. Spend less, save more.
                  9. Fall in love and maybe get kissed on valentine's day.
                 10. Think positive.
                  11. Learn to play the piano.
                 12. Take the chances I get offered. 
                 13. Don't break my resolutions.

New year, new life.
Each year can be different, depends on what you make of it.
I've met new people, lost some friends.
Little things can make a difference.
'What if...' is the phrase that keeps chasing me.
What if, I tried harder, what if, I didn't say this or did that.
But what's happened, happened. 
It's in the past.
So, this year is going to be different for me.
I won't be ashamed for what I like or do.
I will embrace it, I'll embrace me.
And most important of all, I won't let anyone walk all over me.
This is going to be my year. 

Anyways, happy new year to you all. x

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Succes! nummer 13 is zeker belangrijk, hahaha. Happy 2012 xxx

  2. Happy new year! ♥ Succes met je goede voornemens ;)

  3. Wat een mooie woorden. En goede voornemens. Ik ben bang dat ik me nooit aan voornemens houd, dus ik begin er eigenlijk niet eens aan. Misschien moet ik dat een keer doen.

  4. Happy new year! <3

    Good luck on ur new year's resolution :) :)
    Followed your blog. :D

  5. gelukkig nieuwjaar! :)
    En mooie voornemens!

  6. love this post! and what a lovely picture :) i love your little blog bio in the left sidebar, too! lovely blog :) i'm now following!